The Open Crowd Project is a collaborative project using 3D scanning and printing technology to create a “crowd” of people printed with 3D printers.


The goal of this project is to collaborate with people who may be in different geographic areas, but who are willing to come together and collaborate through an online space.  We encourage everyone that is interested in this project to participate!  All you have to do is follow the instructions provided on the “participate” page of this website and we’ll create a 3D model of you, 3D print it, and include you in the crowd!

By participating in The Open Crowd Project, you will have the opportunity to see a representation of yourself in a group of people that have never before been assembled in physical space.   Through this project, we hope to offer the opportunity to see yourself standing alongside others, therefore reinforcing a sense of togetherness between people who may otherwise be strangers.

The Open Crowd Project is a creative endeavor founded by artist and professor, Brian Harper.  More of his artwork can be seen on his website at www.brianharperstudio.com

Questions? Comments? Please feel free to contact us anytime at collaborate@theopencrowdproject.com

New 3D prints will be posted on the “news” of this website, but you may also be interested in following the project on Twitter at: @crowdproject