The individuals for this project are being printed on a Makerbot Replicator 3D printer.  Find out more about Makerbot and what they’re up to on their website at

This project is evolving every week, but here are some software applications being used currently:

Replicator G: for slicing and generating G-code, preparing 3D model to be printed

123D Catch: for stitching together photographs to create 3D mesh files

Sculpturis: for repairing inconsistencies in the surface of the 3D models, smoothing, etc

Netfabb Studio Basic: for cropping models, positioning and orientation, filling holes in 3D mesh

MeshLab: for repairing holes, cleaning 3D mesh files

Blender: for repairing, building, and altering 3D models, converting files between different formats

Thingiverse – awesome website for sharing 3D models